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Maand    Titel    Auteur(s)    Organisatie
Dec   Rare Earth Elements:  The Global Supply Chain    Humphries   Congressional Research Service
Dec   Het rebound effect bij resource efficiency    Oosterhuis, Bouma,  Hanemaaijer    IVM Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken
Nov   Guided Choices Towards a Circular Business Model    Joustra, de Jong  Engelaer   Plan C
Nov   A Circular Economy        Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe)
Okt   The future impact of materials security on the UK manufacturing industry   Parker   Foresight, Government Office for Science
Okt   Roadmap Remanufacturing       Innovatie Zuid
Sept   Rare Earth Elements in National Defense: Background, Oversight Issues, and Options for Congress        
Sept.   Strategic Implementation Plan for the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials        

Ensuring Japan’s critical resource security; case studies in rare earth elements and natural gas supplies 

  Mazza, Blumenthal, and Schmitt   American Enterprise Institute
Juli   Reuse of EEE consumer products, a potential end-of-life strategy for CRM's   F. Watelet   TU Delft
Juni   Production Process Recycling of Rare Earth Elements        IMRE Journal Volume 7 (2) 2013
Juni   Brief  Van Afval naar Grondstof   

Staatsecretaris Wilma J. Mansveld 


Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu

Juni   Action for a Resource Efficient Europe       European Resource Efficiency Platform
Juni   Investigating the role of design in the circular economy       RSA UK
Juni   Going for growth: a practical guide for the Circulair Economy   Hayler and Waters   Environmental Services Association
Mei   Voedsel, grondstoffen  en geopolitiek   Erik Hees   CLM
Mei   On the implementation of the Raw Materials Initiative        European Commission
Mei   Be in the Loop: Circular Economy  & Strategic Sustainable Development    Bechtel, Bojko, Völkel   Institute of Technology Karlskrona, Sweden
Mei   Unleashing the Potential of the Circular Economy   Kok, L., Wurpel, G. & Ten Wolde, A.   IMSA Amsterdam (for Circle Economy)
Mei   Verkenning inzamelsystemen in inzamelpilots   P. Reus   SRE Milieudienst
April   Responsible Mineral Development Initiative 2013        World Economic Forum
April   Resource Efficiency: What does it mean and why is it relevant?        ECN
Maart   Ecologie van economie    D.J.,Joustra   OPAi
Maart   The Transition to Resource Efficiency       Australian Cleantech Review
Maart   Innoveren met materialen; Economisch potentieel, ecologische noodzaak       Crabbé, Meneve, Vandenhaute & Van Acker
Februari   Resource Efficiency  Indicators        University West of England
Februari   Recent trends in material flows and resource productivity in Asia and the Pacific       UNEP Division of Early Warning and Assessment
Februari   Resource Efficiency Indicators       European Commission
Januari   Wie houdt de grondstoffenpoort open?   Remko Ebbers   VNO-NCW
Januari   Raw materials in the industrial value chain       ERT


Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Januari   Sustainable Materials with both eyes open   Allwood & Cullen   WellMet2050
Januari   Strategic and Critical Materials 2013 Report on Stockpile 
      US Secretary of Defense
---   10 Fundamental Rules & General Guidelines for Design for Recycling & Resource Efficiency   Reuter and Van Schaik   NVMP
---   Substitution of critical raw materials    Dr. Tercero Espinoza    Fraunhofer Institute
---   The Changing Framework of Sustainable Reporting     Walter R. Stahel   The Geneva Association
---   Rare Earths, an update: A Fresh Look at the  Supplier(s), the Buyers, and the Trade Rules   Stewart, Drake, Dwyer, Gong   Law Offices of Stewart and Stewart
---   Preliminary Estimates of the Quantities of Rare-Earth Elements Contained in Selected Products and in Imports of Semimanufactured Products to the United States, 2010   Bleiwas and Gambog   U.S. Geological Survey
---   Non-Financial Reporting, Extractive Industries and Resource Efficiency       Concord
---   Resource Efficiency:  Economics and Outlook for China    West et al.   United Nations Environment Programme
---   EU bioenergy potential from a  resource-efficiency perspective       European Environment Agency
---   Metal Recycling: Opportunities, Limits, Infrastructure       UNEP
---   Mineral Commodity Summaries 2013       U.S. Geological Survey
---   Opportunities for a Circular Economy in the Netherlands       TNO
---   Material Resources, Productivity and the Environment; Key Findings       OECD
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