Efficient, smart and sustainable use of raw materials is the answer to the anticipated materials scarcity that is already present in various industries. This will require much knowledge of different parts of the commodity chain.

The goal of the knowledge platform is to contribute to the prevention of material scarcity and to contribute to a sustainable resource management. To reach this goal the platform collects and shares knowledge, and facilitates cooperation between different companies in the commodity chain. In reaching this goal the knowledge platform cooperates with knowledge partners as universities, businesses and governments.


The platform actively follows the latest developments, trends and innovations. Some examples of interesting trends are the materials roundabout, new recycling technologies, best practices for waste management, materials science research, methods in industrial design that take the 'end of life phase’ into account. Resource management also has a (geo) political aspect, because some scarce materials are vital to the development of the Netherlands and Europe.


With her activities the knowledge platform helps businesses and governments with the interesting opportunities and challenges of sustainable resource management!



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